Delivery Model

We provide customized product delivery models. Whether outsourcing is part of your cost reduction, business improvement, and/or transformation plan, the services we provide will deliver financial returns, risk mitigation, strategic alignment, policy effects, and intuition.

Offsite Delivery Model

Specifications are not clearly defined and may change over time.

Offshore Delivery Model

Designed to provide clients with the most cost-effective alternative.

Hybrid delivery Model

Resulting in reduced cost and maximized performance.

On-site Delivery Model

Ideal for projects that require our staff to work on-site with clients.

Importance of Delivery Models

Running a complex project can be challenging, as it carries a gift of complexity. Here we offer on-site delivery to i3infosoft to take care of all the intricacies needed to get our skilled team out of work. The entire process starts from the start of the project to completion. Our team offers a similar approach to the client's methodology and operating practices.

This delivery model is applied as a result of random changes to the criteria used to incorporate market research. i3infosoft fully understands the complexities of the industry and provides its best support through the Offsite Delivery Model.

At i3infosoft, we make every effort to work without foreign clients for a better relationship. Our team of experts uses the latest technical technology and expertise to solve problems without any difficulties on different platforms. The OffShore Delivery module is responsible for all the minute details and problems that will create value for our OffShore clients.

The entire process begins with the leader of OffShore and Client Manager making a complete project review, including the requirement, production, and maintenance portion.