Development Methodology

Our development methodologies used to develop a product in a very systematic manner. We follow this in such a way that the product has been developed in a very unique way and includes advanced algorithms. We assure our clients that the product delivered from us will make you happy.


The Development Team is starting research on customer requirements.

Develop Prototypes

According to the research, start
working on the wireframes and prototype.


It involves the design of the product
until the final approval has been granted.


The development of the product will
begin after the design has been finalized.

Types of Development Methodology

To make clients relations with us there are many development methodologies followed to develop products and applications. Like Scrum, Agile, Waterfall, Test Driven, etc. These make a systemic cycle for development.

We use Test Driven Development(TDD) Methodology. It is a process of development focused on the continuation of a very short development cycle.

The developer first writes an (initially failing) automated test case that specifies the desired change or new feature, then generates the minimum amount of code to pass the test, and finally transforms the new code to acceptable standards. A common approach to evidencing the use of TDD is ' code coverage.

While high coverage does not provide sufficient use of TDD, coverage below 80% is likely to suggest flaws in a team's TDD mastery. Version control logs suggest that the test code is reviewed in approximately comparable quantities. The time the product code is checked.