Store Management



Managing all day to day operations of
online store like managing the
operations performed by the store staff.

Store Management

Manager will looking the ways to improve the store by listening all queries from the customers, staff to increase productivity.

Take inputs from Customers

Those who are working on store will
tell the problems they face regarding
selling items and customer will give feedback.

Inventory System

To monitor activity throughout the store, a store inventory system uses barcoding technology and computer software.

i3infosoft is consisting of amazing and professional people to grow the company and
make profitable productivity.

Store operations, store management allows you to establish relationships with customers, staff, store suppliers and other key parties. When you run a store, the essence of your role is to ensure that staff serve their purpose, that store merchandise meets expectations, and customers are pleased. Managing a store includes organizational skills at a high level and the ability to strategize.

Hands on Experience

We oversee all aspects of these systems hands-on,
including merchandising, marketing and store operations.

Retain Brand Value

We work discreetly in everything we do to maintain brand value and trust for the consumer.

Hands on Experience

Focus on the business goal with the help of experts hands by putting unusual circumstances.